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August Bach @ Noon: Grace

I’ve just finished listening to John Eliot Gardiner’s beautiful recording of Bach’s graceful and grace-filled Cantata No. 180, Adorn Yourself, O Dear Soul, as I read the late, great Craig Smith’s brief notes about the same, and had to have the most wistful sigh.  In Bach’s oeuvre of stunning, time-stopping music, surely No. 180 must rank high.  There’s… Continue Reading »

Mozart Requiem Wrap

Confession:  I have long admired but perhaps not loved the Mozart Requiem.  I have several recordings, but very infrequently listen the whole way through – often I touch on the first three movements, and sometimes add the Confutatis to the mix, if the mood strikes.  Our two performances of the work over the weekend, however, definitely… Continue Reading »

Family Concert Wrap-Up

  What an absolutely spectacular afternoon of music-making!  Somehow, from Monday’s rehearsal to this afternoon’s performance, our singing of Shawn Kirchner’s arrangement of Unclouded Day went from ruddy to rhapsodic.  There was a literal wall of sound as we surrounded the audience with close to 230 singers, and the big moment, when everyone is launched into the… Continue Reading »