CORONAVIRUS: Concerts, Updates, Schedules and A Moment of Comfort

The support of our Guarantors provides the Choir with an important base of funding for the needs of our volunteer choir, our performances and community programs. We simply could not offer nor sustain the Choir and offer the quality of programming that we do without our wonderful family of Guarantors. Joining this group of supporters – some 500 strong from across the country and around the world – is an outstanding way to express your appreciation of the Choir and help fund it well into the future.

“I hope I will be like you. Thank you for the beautiful music. One day I want to play the piccolo trumpet.”

—Anya, Bethlehem middle school student and Bach to School audience member.

In addition to the satisfaction they take from sustaining the mission of The Bach Choir of Bethlehem, Guarantors enjoy a variety of special benefits, including:

  • Advance ticket sales
  • Advance notification about season events
  • Reserved Priority Seating throughout the Concert Season and at our annual Bethlehem Bach Festival performances
    • NEW for 2019 – 2020:  A limited number of Priority Seats are available to Guarantors only for all Bach Choir concerts, including Christmas, Family, Spring and Festival performances.   
  • Invitations to receptions and other events
  • Participation in the “Bach Buddy” program that offers 50% discount on tickets
  • Exclusive Bach Choir News mailing, seasonal discounts and more
  • Complimentary luncheon at the Bethlehem Bach Festival (membership levels apply)


"The knowledge that our organization’s financial affairs are being managed in a conservative and prudent manner is a comfort to anyone who makes a gift to The Bach Choir of Bethlehem."

—Anthony and Vickie Thompson, Bach Choir Guarantors

“They haven’t missed a Bach Festival for the past 25 years. When asked to comment on their favorite aspects of the Festival, Ginny is quick to reflect on the uplifting spiritual renewal she experiences at each concert, while Randall speaks with great reverence about the Mass in B Minor, which he says has the same powerful effect and 'feels fresh' each time he experiences it."

—Ginny and Randall Aires, Bach Choir Guarantors

"Margot lives by her faith and believes that discovering The Bach Choir was divine intervention. 'This opened a Pandora’s box of fond memories of a life which I had left behind years ago. In discovering The Bach Choir, I felt I was at home.'”

—Margot Teleki, Bach Choir Guarantor

Want to learn more? New to the program? Welcome!

Our Guarantor program was founded by our very first Bach Choir President, Charles Schwab. He was an enthusiastic benefactor of the arts who encouraged others to join him and ultimately launched our flourishing community of support.  Because our ticket sales fund only a fraction of our expenses, our Guarantors help us support the artistic director and conductor’s programming each season and cover music and materials for our volunteer choir, who contribute more than 10,000 hours every year.

Your pledge will be maintained and invoiced annually, unless you make a change to the amount or exit the program.  We’ll send you your Guarantor number with your official acknowledgement and welcome letter!  

Guarantor Levels:

  • Bach Choir – $125 – $249
  • President – $250 – $499
  • Conductor – $500 – $749
  • Fred Wolle – $750 – $999
  • S. Bach – $1000 – $2499
  • Gloria – $2500 – $4999
  • Sanctus – $5000 or more

Associate Guarantors levels:

  • $50 – $120

New guarantors up to age 30 offer their support starting at the $50 level through $120 annually.  They enjoy some of the advantages of the Guarantor program and often continue and grow their support of the Choir over the years.

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“It brings me great pleasure to see and read about the impact my Mom’s memorial fund has made on the local community. Her legacy leaves behind the most beautiful gift in the world – music education.”

—Carol Porter, second generation Guarantor

Currently a Guarantor? Thank you!

“My family has been part of The Choir for over 90 years. It has enriched our lives deeply.”

—Evie Rooney, Washington, D.C.

We appreciate your ongoing and generous support. It has helped us create a nationally recognized program that maintains a standard of excellence in musical performance and enables us to offer community outreach programs to young and old alike. Thank you for your enthusiasm and commitment to our music and our mission!

Would you consider an increase in your pledge? As you review your commitment to the Choir, please consider a small increase to your pledge. Every dollar helps us offset our ever-increasing costs. You may also reach a higher giving level, which also means more benefits to you!

For more information about our Guarantor program, please contact:

Cheryl Dungan
Development Officer
610.866.4382 ext. 113

Guarantor News and Special Events

“Where words leave off, music begins.”

—Heinrich Heine

A Message to our Guarantors…

To our Guarantors-

We are grateful for your understanding and appreciation of our continuing efforts to keep you connected to the music you love–music that inspires, comforts, and renews us, music that expresses, in a common language, all the feelings we cannot put into words.

Because of the generous committed support of our Guarantors, we have been able to advance our mission to inspire, engage and educate through the performance of Bach’s music for more than a century and through many challenging times.

Your continued support is essential to sustain The Bach Choir through these difficult times. We are grateful to you for your past contributions and for your consideration of our current and future needs.

Your ongoing enthusiasm for our mission encourages us and inspires us to look forward, and, with so many signs of spring around us, we can’t help but have hope for the future…and how can we keep from singing?

Wishing you all the best-

Cheryl Dungan, development officer

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Guarantor Spotlight

Please take a few minutes to read our latest Bach Choir News articles and learn about a few of the interesting and generous people who are part of our Guarantor family!

Meet George and Sue Driesen

Click HERE to read our Fall 2019 profile of the Driesens in Bach Choir News. George graciously provided us with the following additional narrative about their travel to Canada and the exquisite beauty of the Northern Lights.


Photos and Comments by George Driesen-Maryland Guarantor

 I took these pictures near Churchill, Canada, a town of six hundred plus residents who live near the southwestern shore of Hudson Bay. Once more prosperous and larger, Churchill now mostly caters to tourists and scientists, come to study and gaze with awe upon one of the most wonderful sights visible on earth. There’s an RCMP station, a new school, and a fine museum that displays artifacts of the incredibly resilient people who lived here for a very long time without the comforts and supports that modern civilization provides.

 The bright streams of light in these nighttime pictures are constantly moving and changing in color and appearance. They result from collisions between gaseous particles in the earth’s atmosphere and particles released from the sun’s atmosphere, which at the sun’s surface, is millions of degrees, Celsius. That causes the particles to collide explosively, freeing some electrons and photons to stream out through holes in the sun’s magnetic field and into the solar system in what is called the “solar wind.” The particles in the “solar wind” are mostly deflected away from the earth by its magnetic field, but the field is weakest near the north and south magnetic poles, which today are located near the geographical poles. That makes earth and sun originated particle collisions more frequent at high altitudes (60-400 miles), where they emit light. The color of the light depends upon the type of gas particles colliding.

Pale yellowish green predominates, as it does in these pictures, because colliding oxygen molecules located 60 miles above the earth emit that color. At higher altitudes these collisions emit reddish colors, also seen here.

The Northern Lights are entirely silent; sometimes they occupy a substantial portion of the sky. At times the lights stream from the horizon towards the zenith; sometimes, they stream around the horizon. They are never still. The eerie feeling these soundless motions impart suggests dancing. The Inuits, the Canadian First people who range widely in the area, must have felt that too: they believed that the lights were the dancing souls of their deceased ancestors.

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