Wrap-Up, Bach at Noon, November 8th


Thanks to everyone involved in a fabulous Bach at Noon this afternoon.  Charlotte Mattax Moersch’s performance of the D Major Harpsichord Concerto had all of the elan and panache for which she is justly famed, and she had more-than-able backing by her colleagues in the string section.  It’s been an absolute treat to hear her survey these pieces (this was the third concerto she played this fall).  It was also a treat to have the larger-than-usual orchestra on hand to offer bravura accompaniment for Bach’s exuberant hymn to the Holy Trinity, Cantata 129.  We had a full audience, again, and they seemed to appreciate the music.  Special thanks to our visiting soloists, Christòpheren Nomura, Barbara Hollinshead, and Leslie Johnson.  Each performed their arias beautifully, and obbligato instrumentalists Chuck Holdeman, bassoon, Loretta O’Sullivan, cello, Tom Goeman, organ, Liz Wright, violin, Robin Kani, flute, and Mary Watt, oboe da caccia, provided gorgeous accompaniment.  Mother Nature seemed to smile on the performance, it was a gloriously beautiful fall day.  Next up, members of The Choir will be digging into music for our Christmas Concerts in a special rehearsal on Saturday morning, and will be offering the Bach to School program in three concerts in local school districts next week.

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