The Recording Begins…

We had a very successful recording session this evening, having completed the Chichester Psalms and the middle section of Singet dem herrn. The Choir has had the privilege of working with some wonderful recording engineers and producers, including Craig Dory for our recordings on the Dorian label, George Blood for Christmas in Bethlehem 4 and several radio broadcast recordings, and, most recently, Brad Michel for the Bach and Vivaldi Glorias disc for Analekta.  The recording process is quite intense – we do several whole takes of each piece, and then a little bit of patch work.  I’ve been a part of recording sessions many times, and it can be quite stressful – when not done well, it can seem there are too many cooks in the kitchen, and there’s great potential for flared tempers and frustration.  My recording experiences with Greg Funfgeld and The Choir mark a happy contrast – Greg is unfailingly patient, and is eager to receive the kind of feedback that will result in the best possible recording.  In Brad, we’re fortunate to have an extremely perceptive and finely-honed set of ears actively seeking the best possible musical and technical achievement, and the excitement from this rewarding collaboration is palpable. I will keep readers of the blog updated on our progress throughout the week.

PS.  Happy Bach’s Birthday!

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