Friday Evening Update

One of the ancillary gifts of the process of recording a major work like the St. John Passion is that the connection between singer and music becomes ever more intimate.  With mastery of all the myriad nuances, one can really throw oneself with abandon into the drama of the work.  I sensed in this evening’s performance of the St. John, a willingness on the part of all the performers to do just that.  I have to confess, I was certain that last week’s performance would be hard to beat, and yet, and yet….

Kudos to Benjamin Butterfield who fearlessly threw himself into the evangelist role with such aplomb.  Likewise to Greg Funfgeld, for shaping a performance with such pace and dramatic intensity.  Likewise to our dream-team soloists, and to the members of the orchestra for capping an intense week of hard work with such glory.

There’s much more on offer on Saturday, from the delightful Zimmerman’s Coffe House program, to fifteen of the Great Eighteen, to the glorious Mass in B Minor.  Many thanks to all my colleagues for their fine work.

Fellow singer Corliss Bachman wrote a delightful article about the Festival for  Enjoy reading her thoughts here.

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