Bach at Noon Wrap-Up

Thanks to everyone who turned out for a glorious afternoon of music at Bach at Noon!  The weather was beautiful, and the music, delightful.  Special thanks to Tricia van Oers, and her colleagues in the orchestra (who played period instruments, tuned to slightly-lower baroque pitch) for a delightful performance of the Vivaldi concerto.  As promised, it was very evocative and lovely.  Kudos also to our vocal soloists and Chuck Holderman, whose bassoonings were particularly cheerful.  It was also very meaningful to sing Cantata 149 on this, the eleventh anniversary of the 9/11 tragedy.   It was just over a year ago that The Choir journeyed into New York City for the powerful Remember to Love series of concerts at Trinity Church, Wall Street.  You may follow this link if you’d like to include some glorious and powerful music in your remembrance.  

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