Bach at Noon Wrap-Up

Wow.  Greg commended to us Dashon Burton’s excellent singing at rehearsal last night, but his beautiful, passionate performance of Cantata No. 82 far exceeded already-high expectations.  This afternoon’s concert was a beautiful fusion of intellectual rigor and consumate expressivity.  We had nearly-full attendance, and there’s definitely a sense that spring has sprung around Central Moravian.  Kudos to Greg, Robin Kani, Liz Field, and Loretta O’Sullivan for their masterful performance of the Trio Sonata from The Musical Offering.  Liz, Greg, and Loretta were then joined by Tom Goeman, Linda Kistler, Chuck Holdeman, Steve Groat, and Nobuo Kitagawa to make the wonderful chamber orchestra that accompanied Dashon for the cantata.  A tip of the hat to Nobuo for his stirring and sensitive obligato playing, and many congratulations to Dashon for the extraordinary beauty of his performance.

We’re now counting down to the Spring Concert, this Sunday, beginning at 4 pm (arrive at 3 for Greg’s excellent pre-concert lecture), at the First Presbyterian Church of Bethlehem.    We had a very fruitful rehearsal last night, and spirits are high for what promises to be a very special concert.  It’s not too late to order tickets.  Vist The Choir’s site for more information.

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