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Members of the Bach Choir family enjoyed a lovely open house at the Bachhaus last evening.  Members of the Bethlehem Garden Club had decked the ‘haus beautifully for the season, and attendees were able to enjoy some delicious nibbles and musical offerings by Maddie Link, the daughter of our Development Officer, Kathy Link, on the harp.  I’ve long since promised readers of the blog a tour of the ‘haus, and hope to make good on that soon.

While we enjoyed the beautiful atmosphere, music, and cheer of the open house, we thought of our colleagues, Greg Funfgeld and Tom Goeman, who are in Montreal at the studio of Tonmeister Martha De Francisco, working on the final editing of our third Analekta release, last May’s recording of the St. John Passion.  This is painstaking work, with hours of critical listening to short clips to achieve the right balances, and to select the very best takes of each moment of the piece.  I had the privilege of listening to the first edit on two long trips to and from North Carolina over the Thanksgiving holiday.  The recording is extraordinary – Martha’s legwork in the editing studio was beyond masterful, and I’m certain that everyone involved will be extremely proud of the final product.  Obviously, I’m biased, but I think this is truly one for the ages!  The recording is set to be released in March, and members of the Bach Choir family (particularly those who were able to hear Charles Daniels’ revelatory performance as evangelist at the first weekend of the Festival this past May) will want to own a copy.  Stay tuned for more St. John news!

Finally, there’s still time to get your tickets for the 2011 Christmas Concerts.  The Bethlehem concert was, at last telling, almost sold out, but there are still plenty of seats available in Allentown, where you may hear the choir in the crystal clear environs of the First Presbyterian Church.  I’m going to be giving an interview on WDIY this coming Friday at 10, and we’ll preview some of the music and talk about the compositions. You can also read some thoughts about each of the pieces by scrolling down below.  You can order your tickets online here, you can call the Bach Choir office at 610 866 4382, or, if you’re downtown, you can visit the Bachhaus during office hours and visit with our fantastic staff!

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