Bach to School

Bach to School is an innovative and imaginative educational outreach program that was launched in 1993 and has now been presented for more than 100,000 children.

Each year Bach to School presents eight assembly programs (each lasting approximately one hour) in school districts throughout the Lehigh Valley and in the surrounding region, reaching a total number of more than 5,000 students annually. The programs are presented by an ensemble of approximately 30 singers and 15 instrumentalists, conducted by Greg Funfgeld. Different versions of the program are targeted for elementary, middle, and high schools. All Lehigh Valley school districts are invited to apply for participation in the program on an rotating basis, with the Bethlehem and Allentown Area School Districts having an ongoing commitment to participate every year.

The students are prepared for Bach to School through classroom instruction with lesson plans provided by The Choir. The program includes a repertoire of seven pieces by Bach, including orchestral and choral works. The heart of the program involves the "Gloria" from the Mass in B Minor taken apart voice by voice and instrument by instrument, then put back together again to demonstrate the genius of Bach's fugal writing and orchestration. Mr. Funfgeld helps chldren to see the parallels between music, academics, sports, and their own personal lives by talking about the emotions and creativity of the music, the fruits of practice, and the joy of working together on something you love.


Why Bach to School?

  • To bring the joy of Bach's music to a diverse student population, including many students who have never been to a classical music concert before.
  • To use the spark of a live encounter with professional and dedicated volunteer musicians to inspire children with the love of learning and the arts in general.
  • To create an interest in Bach as a genius thorugh an imaginative exploration of his life, times, personality, and influence in musical history.
  • To create awareness of the importance of classical music, especially Bach, in the heritage of Bethlehem.
  • To foster an understanding of The Bach Choir's existence and function, and an appreciation for the concept of community service or involvement as exemplified by members of The Choir.
  • To cultivate a new generation of clasical music audiences and artists

Photo Credit: Hub Wilson