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You can make a donation or pay your outstanding Guarantor Pledge online by clicking here, or by phone (610.866.4382 ext. 13) or mail.


New Guarantors: Welcome to these new members of our Guarantor Family - and thank you to those who introduced them to The Bach Choir!

Donald and Mary Brown - Bethlehem, PA
Paul and Tracey Dangelmajer - Kinnelon, NJ
Sandra Deiter - Northampton, PA
Keith Diehl - State College, PA
Andrew Frey - Bethlehem, PA
Hannah Gruver - Easton, PA
Rowan Gruver - Easton, PA
Joyce Meinke - Bethlehem, PA
Jack and Kelly Payne - Allentown, PA
Brian Snyder - Allentown, PA
Nathan Thompson - Allentown, PA
John and Margaret Vidumsky - Chadds Ford, PA
Thomas Whalen - Allentown, PA
Janet Yamron - Philadelphia, PA


Bach Bits: Musical numbers in Bach's Works
Bach was fond of incorporating the numbers 14 and 41 into his musical works, which were derived from the mystical numerology values of the letters of his name. Bach's works are littered with references to those numbers. Read more