2016 Gala Concert & Fundraiser
Roomful of Teeth

4pm • Foy Hall, Moravian College
6pm • Benefactor Cocktails, Dinner & Auction
Historic Hotel Bethlehem

Roomful of Teeth

"The audience will appreciate not only the rich classical sound that appears in many of the pieces, but also these other vocal qualities that are very beautiful in their own right, especially when they rub up against other sounds."
Read more about Roomful of Teeth in this article from The Morning Call.

Dedicated to mining the expressive potential of the human voice, Roomful of Teeth creates beautiful and deeply
textured music. The Bach Choir Gala Concert features Bach vocal and instrumental chamber music with individual
members of the ensemble including Dashon Burton, one of The Bach Choir’s favorite soloists. Selections from
Roomful of Teeth’s own music include Partita by Pulitzer Prize winning composer Caroline Shaw, inspired by
Baroque dance movements such as “Sarabande,” and such delights as How Done No Why To and Otherwise.
The eight-voice ensemble continually pushes its musical horizons and the boundaries of vocal resonance.