The Bach Choir of Bethlehem is an all-volunteer choral ensemble. Auditions are held annually in late August. Each singer is asked to sing an aria or hymn of their choosing, as well as to do some sight-reading and vocalization.

In addition to regular choir members, The Bach Choir also accepts several Choral Scholars by audition each season. Choral Scholars are high school seniors who are paired with a Bach Choir mentor and who participate in all of the rehearsals and performances with The Bach Choir. The audition expectations for Choral Scholars are the same as for regular choir members.

For more information about auditions, please contact Andrea Fritchey at 610.866.4382 ext. 110.

The music of Bach is uplifting, jubilant, dramatic, deeply moving, and all around pleasing to the soul. It is no wonder that artists from Brahms to the Beatles have tried to emulate his style. I love coming to rehearsals every Monday after a long day of Advanced Placement classes and homework to sing such beautiful music. The lessons learned performing with The Bach Choir of Bethlehem will serve me well as I pursue music in college. The friends I have made in the choir I will cherish forever, the theory and technique that I have learned I shall always remember, and the love for the music is one I certainly will never surrender.
Peter Young II, Choral Scholar - Freedom High School